The Future Of Apologetics

Years ago Dr. R. C. Sproul shared a story of a time he had a conversation with the Dr. Francis Schaeffer about the future of the church. “About thirty years ago, I shared a taxi cab in St. Louis with Francis Schaeffer. I had known Dr. Schaeffer for many years, and he had been instrumental … Continue reading The Future Of Apologetics

9 Contributions Aquinas Made To Theology

In our modern time many have forgotten about Thomas Aquinas. Particularly in protestant evangelicalism, Aquinas is ignored for a more analytic philosophy and even theology, ignoring Aquinas and Aristotle and following down a line of philosophers like Hume, Kant, Kripke, etc. Aquinas, and Aristotle before him, are seen as too archaic. Perhaps many protestant theologians … Continue reading 9 Contributions Aquinas Made To Theology