Does Aquinas Limit Natural Theology?

Recently, Dr. Owen Anderson, professor of philosophy and religious studies at Arizona State University, stated in his blog that Aquinas limits natural theology because Aquinas, “does not think we can use reason to show that the universe had a beginning.” In his blog post, Anderson states that Aristotle defined the Universe as eternal and says … Continue reading Does Aquinas Limit Natural Theology?


9 Contributions Aquinas Made To Theology

In our modern time many have forgotten about Thomas Aquinas. Particularly in protestant evangelicalism, Aquinas is ignored for a more analytic philosophy and even theology, ignoring Aquinas and Aristotle and following down a line of philosophers like Hume, Kant, Kripke, etc. Aquinas, and Aristotle before him, are seen as too archaic. Perhaps many protestant theologians … Continue reading 9 Contributions Aquinas Made To Theology