Number 1 Advice For Life

Life is active. A lot of people don’t really realize that. And I’m not just talking about an active life-style like running or exercise—although that is important too.

What I’m talking about is maintaining a Christian life. Too often we live life passively. Consider diets for example. We eat one healthy meal, sacrifice dessert and expect to have lost 20lbs the next morning. We do one thing, one time and expect life changing results. In many ways, we are the same when it comes to living a life for Christ.

Perhaps you prayed a prayer in Church and accepted Christ and left it at that. Or maybe you accepted Christ a long time ago but were very nominal after that, that is to say an inactive Christian. Maybe you go to Church on Sundays and consider yourself a “good” Christian… or maybe not even that.

Before I move forward, I would like to make an important distinction here. I’m speaking specifically about Christian living, not about contributing to your own salvation.

You contribute nothing to your salvation except the sin that made it necessary.

Jonathan Edwards

My number 1 advice for you is to remember that relationships are active. Especially your relationship with Jesus. It’s not just something you declare once and then carry around in name only, like a label. It’s an active life which involves prayer, reading Scripture, living out the kind of life Jesus has instructed of us in His Word.

As I write this, I myself stand convicted. It’s hard to do because living for Jesus is not stagnant, it’s active, though we all prefer not having to do anything—and I’m first in line to admit this.

My number 1 advice to all—including myself—is to remember to remain active. Don’t let life and opportunities to glorify God pass you by. Live for Jesus. Remain in Scripture, have a strong prayer life, take life day by day and live it to the glory of God. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing representative of a child of God?” Do everything that you do as if you were doing it for God and in this way you consecrate your life for Jesus. Not passively, but actively.

Consecrate yourselves, therefore, and be holy, for I am the LORD your God.

Leviticus 20:7

So we are to live differently because that is what God expects from us. I’ll leave you with this: Ask yourself, would those who are around you or interact with you know what God is like by knowing you?

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