My New Blog

So I’ve had a lot of ideas and things I’ve wanted to share for some time and thought, “I should have a blog,” but haven’t made one for whatever reason. Well, enough is enough. I’m writing one now. Perhaps a lot of people will read it. Perhaps no one will read it and in the end it was just a creative outlet. Whatever happens… here we are. Currently I’m in seminary. I decided to attend the seminary started by one of my favorite philosophers, the late Dr. Norman Geisler. His work had an immense influence on me and when I read–many years ago–that he had started a seminary, I immediately knew that’s where I wanted to attend.

Due to circumstance, life choices, finances, whatever I attended two state universities before attending seminary. I plan to finish my undergrad and then earn my MA-Phil. After that, I will get my PhD in Philosophy from a university. So far, everything is going great and I couldn’t be happier with my education at SES. If you’re thinking about going to seminary then I DEFINITELY recommend it… and no. I do not get paid by SES to say that. I really do think it’s the best place to go for any Christian. Anyway that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by and check back for more blogs. God bless


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